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We specialize in the repair and upgrade of desktops, laptops,apple macs and gaming PCs.

Telephone: 01332 460111

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Hands of contemporary master using small soldering-irons to repair broken laptop


We cand find the cause of problems and make repairs quickly and efficiently.We have 15+ years of experience in PC repairs and offer the reliable service you need.
Installing a processor fan on the computer motherboard. Computer repair, PC assembly


We can upgrade your PC to be faster to play latest computer games or run software that needs more power
Computer, plant and lamp on wooden table. Workplace room


We do build and sell office and gaming PCs used laptops and spares.Please visit our shop or call for advice.We are happy to help

about us

Cubit Computers is a family run business in Derby. We repair PCs, games consoles, and Apple Macs. With many years of experience in IT, our friendly, professional trained engineers will evaluate any problem and offer you the best possible solution. Our reliable service brings back customers whenever they need computer support. Your satisfaction is our goal.
Cubit computers specialize in computer repair for domestic and business equipment.
Having many years of experience in IT we can offer reliable service that you need. We will evaluate the problem and offer you the best possible solution.
  • Computer repair / sale / new builds and used computers
  • Laptop repair /sale / used laptops
  • Apple mac repair
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