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Laptop repair:

Laptops can be in most cases easily repaired. We have access to laptop components and batteries and our technicians can replace virtually any part in broken laptop.

Most of laptop parts are quite cheap unless screen is broken.

We can upgrade laptop to keep-up with more memory hungry software and to store more pictures and music.

We can add wireless internet into your laptop and you can print or share data wirelessly. We can backup data from your laptop. Another common problem we deal with is laptop overheating. Laptop components are very close to each other and it means good cooling is more important. We can clean laptop cooling system and make sure the cooling fans are working properly.

We can do virus clean on laptops and remove any errors or pop-ups that may appear.

We can repair laptop power jacks, cases, screens, invertors etc.

All repairs are done by trained engineers who have friendly and professional manner. Because of this our customers come back whenever they seek for computer service.

Based in Derby, we offer local service and cooperate closely with local community.






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