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Computer repair:

PC is made of many components and all need to work together. If one of them fails the whole system is inoperable. After some time repair is necessary to keep system in good condition.

We can do such repairs quickly and efficiently. We have many years of experience in PC repairs and we offer reliable service that you need.

We can solve internet and email problems and clean computer viruses. We can upgrade your PC to be faster or to play latest computer games or other software that might need more power. We can suggest the best way to back up your data and to protect your computer from internet threats. We can diagnose and repair small computer networks.

We can repair computer printers and other devices connected to your computer. All repairs are done by trained engineers who have friendly and professional manner. Because of this our customers come back whenever they seek for computer service.

Based in Derby, we offer local service and cooperate closely with local community.






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